• Group:05- Partenaires cameroun, 06- Entreprises (PME - TPE), Cameroun


Fondatrice et experte en Marketing et Communication des entreprises, Présidente de chambre de commerces des femmes Africaines.

Ruth Tembe, a Cameroonian born (Biz) Business Development Manager, Brand and Marketing Strategist, Publisher, President of the Cameroon-India Business Council, and founder of AVICOMM (African Vision Communications) GROUP; ELYON HUB and LEWA - Leading and Enterprising Women of Africa.
Ruth is part of the new generation of women who are changing the face of Africa, a Business Woman who is committed to developing the African Entrepreneurial ecosystem with a focus on Youth and Female Entrepreneurship in Africa. Ruth is a champion for women`s socio-economic development which earned her an appointment as the President of the Cameroon-India Business Council by the Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
After working with Ghanaian Media companies like the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Citi FM and the Ghanaian Observer, Ruth started her Entrepreneurial journey in 2011 when she founded AVICOMM (African Vision Communications) GROUP in Ghana which started with the publication of magazines.